“Megashid” literally means “Million Suns” which is metaphor of million ideas and thinking which radiate besides investment tools which are gathered together and illuminate their surrounding space.

There are some persons who due to lack of facilities could not fulfilled their creative ideas;
 accordingly the capital owners could not invest their money in appropriate and productive direction because of not recognition of investment appropriate place.
Lacking of enough information ,distrust and inconfidence , shortage of projects feasibility for real and legal entities persuade us create location with new system and profitability from the experience of expertises due to business owners and economic theorists find partner and internal and external investor besides customer draw an attraction.    

“Megashid” is somewhere which the public can use it freely in the form of a virtual environment and the website capabilities is how which you will be able to use it very easily.
 These facilities are on basis of 3 environment which will be access after registration.

1)  Creating a WordPress and locating in virtual society
 Each user of “megashid” will have a WordPress which you will be able to connect with other users and have exchanging of information and creating professional groups in business fields.

2)  Possibility of advertising inserting and informative pages for public show in various classifications.
The business owners with presentation of their products and services in relevant groups will be able to introduce themselves in best way and will be able to show their capabilities occupation for expertises and the person in the same business.

3)  Possibility of investing in various projects and receiving of investment for relevant projects:
 One of the major goals of “megashid” is creating connection between the business owners with idea owners and businesses.  Hence we have created a tool to investors and investees be able to present their investment application in forms of investor and investee. Accordingly our website will connect both parties after checking their resumes. 
 After confirmation of projects on behalf of investor the expertises of “megashid” will investigate the feasibility of projects and will go on next steps.
The further information relevant the forms function and website tools will be access i